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NCIM Groep is specialized in carrying out IT assignments, projects and product development. More than 200 skilled professionals build ICT solutions for clients in the sectors Defense and Security, Energy and Utilities, Telecommunications, Transport and Media, and Technical automation.

Because of COVID-19, our professionals are currently working from home and we recently spoke with Peter via Google Meets about his assignment at ABN AMRO. He has been working as a Junior Secure Coding Expert since February 2020. Before he started at ABN AMRO, he was working on an internal project.

Werken bij NCIM Groep: Peter

When Peter joined NCIM in October 2018, he was looking for a fun, new challenge where he could learn new techniques. NCIM caught Peters's interest, especially in terms of development and the well-known clientele. After he was acquainted, he decided to take the opportunity and start working at NCIM.

“Since February I am now at the ABN AMRO bank as a Junior Secure Coding Expert. My colleague Coen was already there and a place in his team became available. Because Coen organizes all kinds of Hack evenings for NCIM people and I was actually always there, he already knew me. I had little experience with security and security, but I find it very interesting to delve into this. I had a little knowledge here and there from reading articles on the subject but I had never done anything with it. Those evenings made me eligible for it and I immediately thought it was a lot of fun. That was noticed and so I started an interview with ABN AMRO. A week later I could start!”

“The team I am in consists of seven men. Together we support about 5000 applications at home and abroad. This is for the entire ABN AMRO. What we do is guide and assist the developers in writing secure software. The developers write code, but do not necessarily pay attention to its security. That is not their priority. Software security is an ongoing process, new security vulnerabilities can always be found.”

"I can safely say that I have really found that challenge now!"

– Peter

“The intention is for the developers to solve the problems themselves as much as possible. If they do not come out, we are there to help and guide. To train them I recently gave a presentation about securing code. It's important that they are already securing it when writing. If they run into problems, it is important that they first do their own analysis before knocking on our door.”

“What makes it so special for me is that I joined ABN AMRO as a Junior. Normally you don't just join such a small team of a large organization without specific experience. Now I have had the opportunity to join this team as a Junior. This is a really good opportunity to learn more. I can safely say that I have really found that challenge now!”

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