NCIM workshop

NCIM workshop

Every once in a while NCIM-ers come together for a workshop with a specific theme. The themes often come from a hobby of an NCIM worker. Last week, a number of participants attended a Game Development workshop. The workshop was given before last year and the response was very good, so worth repeating!

In the workshop, the participants will work with Unity to make a 3D platformer. In this first evening, the participants became familiar with the Unity Editor. They also wrote some code and made the basis of a game with it.

The next workshop is on Thursday 20 August from 7:00 PM to 9:00 PM. In this session, the participants get started with Blender. With this, you can make 3D game models such as houses and animals. With Blender you can animate these objects and from then on the game really starts to look like something!

Would you like to make your own game? Now it is still possible to sign up! Contact or call 0636021121 for more information! 

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