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NCIM Knowledge Session

NCIM Knowledge Session - Knowledge sessions are organized for and by NCIM staff once a month. Normally this evening is hosted at the office, but due to COVID-19 it took place online last week. Every month, the .NET workgroup addresses a Microsoft topic to share knowledge about it.

The participants come together because they have knowledge of the subject or simply out of curiosity. The product is tested and tried, which leads to a discussion.

Last week's theme was C # 8. This version went live in November and there are already NCIMers using it with the customer. In the session the advantages and disadvantages are discussed which can then be taken to the customer to help them further. In which scenarios does the new version work and in which not…?

The next .NET workgroup will be Thursday, August 13 at 7:30 PM with the subject C # 9. What can we expect from this new version when it goes online? Do you have an idea or are you simply interested in joining a knowledge session online? Please contact recruitment@ncim.nl or call 0636021121.

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