Masterclass Angular

Masterclass Angular - NCIM was requested by the Universities of Leiden and Delft to share expertise. Last month two of our Principal Consltants organized the Masterclass “Introduction to Web Development with Angular”. The participants were PhD students who followed this class online. Due to COVID-19, the class was held online.

The purpose of the Masterclass was for people who had little or no programming knowledge to build a website in two days. We used Microsoft Cognitive Services to analyze photos using this website.

As the participants have no experience with programming, we started with a basic explanation of the web and how it works. This was followed by a live demo on the basic principles of Angular and how to build a local development version of a website. In the afternoon it was time for the students to try it for themselves.

The second day followed the same schedule, first we discussed and explained how to maintain websites with data and how to extract data from Webservices. This was again followed by a live demo in which data is extracted from a ‘dummy’ website. The participants then started working on their own websites, this time by using Microsoft Cognitive Services to analyze the photos they uploaded.

This tool provides insight in tags that are linked to specific pictures. When executing Cognitive Service “Describe”, it will tell you what objects are on a picture. For example, a blue car, a road or trees. If you then execute Cognitive Service “OCR”, it shows the text that is linked to the pictures.

The focus of the Masterclass was on the Angular part and it used Microsoft services to provide a functional analysis of the photos.

Despite the fact that participants had very little knowledge of programming, the results were great and feedback was very positive. Students felt it was a very enriching course and everyone involved hopes there will be another one!

Are you interested in having great results in a very short period of time, then contact us by sending an email to and we will keep you informed on new Masterclass dates!

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