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Werken bij NCIM Groep: Corjan

Because of COVID-19, our professionals work from home and we recently spoke with Corjan via Google Meets about his assignment at NATO. Since September 2019 he has been working at NCIM Group in the role of Junior Software Developer. With a Bachelor of Information Technology & Economics and a Master of ICT in Business & Public Sector, Corjan is at the intersection of Business and IT.

At NCIM, Corjan is not very active as a Junior Developer at the interface between Business and IT, but he hopes to eventually end up there from a programming position. He has been programming for years and would like to develop even further. By focusing on programming first, he hopes to build up the technical knowledge that he can use later in the industry. Corjan ended up at NCIM because a friend of his was already at NCIM. He referred Corjan. Corjan has chosen NCIM because of its clientele. Government and military-oriented clients attract him enormously. "It gives a little more added value than just building a website!" according to Corjan.

“At the moment I am a Junior Developer at NATO. The project I'm on has a fairly small team: in addition to the project manager, I have one other colleague. He is more concerned with operational activities. In my daily programming work, I work closely with my supervisor. The project I am working on is an application that monitors communication between different networks. Files and documents have a certain classification at NATO; not everyone is allowed to read everything. The application checks whether the files and information reach the right person.”

"It gives a little more added value than just building a website!"

– Corjan

“The project is not new; the first version was updated a few years ago and written in C #. My role within the team is to add the new requirements to the application. It is quite a challenge because you are dealing with classified information. Everything must be watertight and always work. Those are things you have to take into account and that sometimes makes it difficult. It always has to work, existing things cannot be changed just like that.”

“Door de hoge eisen waar deze applicatie aan moet voldoen, werken we uitsluitend met frameworks die zeer stabiel zijn en goed kunnen worden getest. Toch proberen we, waar mogelijk, ook nieuwe technieken toe te passen. Op deze manier wordt de applicatie steeds beter en de stabiliteit niet minder. De NATO heeft alle architectuur zelf gebouwd. Loop ik ergens tegenaan of lukt het niet helemaal, kan ik niet even Googelen waar nu precies het probleem zit. In dat opzicht ben je erg afhankelijk van je collega’s die het hebben gebouwd. Ik ben gelukkig goed ingewerkt voor de COVID-19 lockdown. Ik werk momenteel vanuit huis en dit bevalt mij erg goed. Als ik niet zo goed was ingewerkt, was dit een stuk moeilijker geweest.”

“All in all, I think this project will make me a better developer. I not only learn new techniques, but also a lot about architecture; how can you better structure software and how do you make it tidier."

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