VAMP - Very Awesome Microservices Platform

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Monday March 14 VAMP - Very Awesome Microservices Platform

Abstract:The way we develop, deploy and manage software is rapidly changing. Innovations like continuous delivery, containers and microservices confront us with new challenges and complexities. In this session Olaf Molenveld, CEO and co-founder of,  will show us Vamp ( An open source platform that aims to take the pain out of deploying, testing and managing (micro)service and container-based architectures with a strong focus on Canary-testing&releasing and microscaling. This interactive session will include a live demo of Vamp. 

About Olaf Molenveld (CEO & co-founder of
Olaf has over 15 years of experience in the internet industry in various technical, architecture and managerial roles. With a background as a software developer, Olaf is in a unique position to assess business concerns versus technical solutions.

In his former life, Olaf has built a marketing-oriented internet agency with a strong technical focus, and was technical consultant and strategic director of development at Mirabeau. In this role he was helping teams designing innovative online solutions and e-commerce focused architectures for companies like Transavia, Landal Greenparks and G-Star.
In his role of CEO @ he is focusing on product-market fit, business-development, and of course making sure there are always enough resources to keep the company and team running and happy ;)

18:00 Doors open

18:15 Dinner - Pizza time!

19:00 Session starts

21:00 We end the session


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